Terms And Conditions

Picture/Pictures To Be Used For A Portait
Client needs to ensure that the picture(s) they send must be clear (high resolution as it will be printed out) and captures their facial features correctly as an artist can only draw what they see – do see picture opposite that illustrates how I work on a client’s potrait based off a picture sent to me – and the quality of the finished work depends on the picture quality I receieve and the clear instructions of what the client wants on their portarait, which will be strickly adhered to without any deviation. If on receievening the client’s picture(s) and it is not clear or it is distorted in any form, I will immediately send notify the client and ask for a clearer picture. The client needs to also bear in mind that as they are on a queue, their fast response guarantees their potrait been delivered within the stated and agreed delivery period. Any late responses to requests for clearer picture(s) and clearer instructions on what client requires in their potrait will impact the stated and agreed delivery date for their potrait and the client will be notified if a reply – with the required information – is not receieved within four (4) hours of them been notified of the situation.
Client’s Acceptance Of A Potrait
When your portrait your is completed, you will be sent a photograph of your finished portrait. If you would like to make changes to it, then the I will be happy to do so. I want you to be thrilled with your portrait! Only then when you’ve approved your portrait, will you be asked to settle the remaining balance of your portrait before your portrait is sent to you and you will be provided with courier’s details, as well as, the their stated date of delivery to the delivery address you provided.
Return Policy
If on the rare occasion your portrait arrives damaged then simply send it back and I will repair it or re-do the portrait for you. If your portrait for some reason is lost by the courier, I will redo the portrait for you at my expense after I have investigated how it got lost. Remember, you’ve only paid a 50% deposit for your portrait and before I send it to you, you will be sent photographs of the completed portrait for your approval. Please keep in mind once you’ve approved the portrait no further alterations can be made and that also includes any reproductions due to any damage via delivery to you.
While I can provide you framing, it will depend on how close to me you are as they need to be transported and the glass used for normal framing are very fragile. And due to the fragile nature of the glass used for normal framing, courier service providers have declared that they no longer accept normal frames for delivery as 5 times out of ten, they break before they reach their destination. While I can do framing that is very thick (like the ones used at museums and hotels), which are very safe for transportation and acceptable by couriers as they are fully boxed up, they come at a higher cost because couriers charge by weight and the price can go up dramatically because of this. My solution: All my portraits are sent to you safely rolled up in a tube for you to give to your framer to frame. it’s best if you choose a frame with your framer close to you, to suit your taste. If you really, really want me to frame your portrait for you, l can, but trust me, it’s a lot more cost effective for you to go to framers that are close to you